Higher National Diploma (HND)

Higher National Diploma (HND) is obtained from Polytechnic schools in Nigeria. A qualification of the same title is also offered in United Kingdom, India, Malta, and some other countries with British ties. This qualification can be used to gain entry into universities at an advanced level.

National Diploma (ND)

National Diploma (ND) is a title that is used to represent a standard of academic or vocational education. The title was first used in the United Kingdom, but has now been adopted by educational systems worldwide. In Nigeria Polytechnic, the certificate is awarded after two years of study.

Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE)

Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) in 1998 became the required diploma for all primary and junior secondary school teachers. The National Commission for Colleges of Education had standardized and continuously reviewed the curriculum of the Colleges of Education. This constant review of the curriculum had strengthened the capacity of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) graduates. We also run Professional Diploma in Education (PDE), please visit the college of education website for detail.

Preliminary Studies

Preliminary Studies is a prerequisite for all the candidate who wants to enter into ND programme but do not have entry requirement for it or one who is awaiting for result(s).