Adjustment of 2019/2020 Academic Calendar

During the Joint Academic Board Meeting of the OSISATECH Poly and College of Education held on the 8th October, 2020; the following adjustments in the 2019/2020 academic session was made as a result of the interruption in the Original Calendar caused by Covid-19 Pandemic.

Day /Date Activities
Monday 12-10-2020 School Resumes for 2019/2020 Session, ND 2 &HND2 Returns
Wednesday 14-10-2020 ND1 & HND 1 Returns
Friday 16-10-2020 Education Lecturers Begins
Monday 19-10-2020 Intensive Lectures Begins
Thursday 3-12-2020 Lectures End
Monday 7-12-2020 Exams Begins with GNS
Tuesday 22-12-2020 Exams Ends for 1st Semester 2019/2020 Session
Wednesday 23-12-2020 Students Vacate for Christmas Break
Monday 4-01-2021 Second Semester Begins & Students Return to Campus
Wednesday 6-01-2021 Intensive Lectures Commence
Monday 12-03-2021 Lectures End
Wednesday 17-03-2021 Exams Begins Second Semester 2019/2020
Friday 02-04-2021 Exams Ends for 2019/2020 Session
Friday 02-04-2021 1st Semester 2020/2021 Begins & students Returns to Campus


Note: There will not be summer for 2019/2020 Session.