Adjustment of 2019/2020 Academic Calendar

Last Updated on September 15, 2021 by admin

During the Joint Academic Board Meeting of the OSISATECH Poly and College of Education held on the 8th October, 2020; the following adjustments in the 2019/2020 academic session was made as a result of the interruption in the Original Calendar caused by Covid-19 Pandemic.

Day /Date Activities
Monday 12-10-2020 School Resumes for 2019/2020 Session, ND 2 &HND2 Returns
Wednesday 14-10-2020 ND1 & HND 1 Returns
Friday 16-10-2020 Education Lecturers Begins
Monday 19-10-2020 Intensive Lectures Begins
Thursday 3-12-2020 Lectures End
Monday 7-12-2020 Exams Begins with GNS
Tuesday 22-12-2020 Exams Ends for 1st Semester 2019/2020 Session
Wednesday 23-12-2020 Students Vacate for Christmas Break
Monday 4-01-2021 Second Semester Begins & Students Return to Campus
Wednesday 6-01-2021 Intensive Lectures Commence
Monday 12-03-2021 Lectures End
Wednesday 17-03-2021 Exams Begins Second Semester 2019/2020
Friday 02-04-2021 Exams Ends for 2019/2020 Session
Friday 02-04-2021 1st Semester 2020/2021 Begins & students Returns to Campus


Note: There will not be summer for 2019/2020 Session.