Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture & Technology, Enugu is a tertiary Institute of Higher Learning established since 1988.

Motto: Moral and Academic Excellence.

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Learning has no end.
Rev. Fr. E.M.P. Edeh

Very Rev. Fr. Emmanuel M. P. Edeh commonly known as Father Edeh, (born May 1947) is a Nigerian Catholic priest of the Holy Ghost congregation. Father Edeh is the founder of the Pilgrimage Centre of Eucharistic Adoration also known as the Pilgrimage Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Elele, Rivers State, Nigeria. He celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday at National Pilgrimage Centre Elele, Rivers State.

Over the years, we have produced many Nigeria professionals who are serving in different capacities. Our teacher-education programme is known throughout the nation.

This gives our students confidence.

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