Transcript, Certificate & Verification

This short write-up will help you to understand how to get OSISATECH transcript, or certificate, or verify your result.

Transcript Processing

A transcript is a history of a student’s formal academic record. The record includes all unit attempts, grades for each unit, and a list of all courses. After graduation, your new school or workplace may request a copy of your OSISATECH transcript.

How to apply for a Transcript

  1. Get your school file and transcript form from the File Room.
  2. Pay the transcript fee at Ohha Microfinance Bank (N20,000 each).
  3. Submit the file, form, receipt, and courier fee to ICT Centre. (Courier charges depend on the destination).

Your transcript will get to your desired destination within 2-3 weeks.

Note: Those who are not close by may wish to use a third-party agent to get their OSISATECH Transcript, a token for convenience will be charged.

Certificate Processing

An academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests. In many countries, a certificate is a qualification attained in secondary education.

Certificate in higher institutions is usually given to students after convocation. If you are not close by to apply and wait for the document, you can get Akanne Process4Me to apply it for you so that you can just come for collection. Please click here for more.

Result Verification

Verification of a student’s result, certificate, or transcript is a regular activity in a higher institution.  This is to ascertain if the result tendered in a school or workplace is a true copy of that institution. Below are the steps involved in document verification.

Send the statement of result to us using post, courier, staff delivery, or email.

We shall verify the document and return it back using either the post office or email.

NB: If the document to be verified is a certificate, the registration/matriculation number of the ex-student must be written on the document to help us verify it urgently.

Please send all result verification to