Document Verification

Verification of a student’s result, certificate, or transcript is a regular activity in a higher institution.

This is to ascertain if the result tendered in a school or workplace is a true copy of that institution.

Below are the steps involved in document verification.

Document Verification Method

Send a copy of the document to be verified or validated to us using any of the following below:

Courier/Staff delivery

The Registrar

OSISATECH Polytechnic and College of Education Enugu

#1 Ogui Road, Enugu

Enugu State


Via Email

Apart from verification request, any other email sent to this address will not be attended to and the address will be blacklisted.

We shall verify the document and return it back using either the post office or email.

NB: If the document to be verified is a certificate, the registration/ matriculation number of the ex-student must be written on the document to help us verify it urgently.