7 Reasons to Study in OSISATECH Higher Institution

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Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture, and Technology (OSISATECH) Enugu is an institution of higher learning. The school was established in 1988 for but not the exclusively disadvantaged population in our society. This post shows 7 reasons why you should study at OSISATECH Polytechnic and College of Education, Enugu.

In developing countries such as Nigeria, many higher institutions are difficult places to study. We know that only a few students agree that their school is doing well. Students will also want more, this makes some students complain a lot about their schools.

So we ask some graduated students to give us some points why they will advise another student to study at OSISATECH Polytechnic and College of Education. Below are some of the good things they said.

1. Security

We are all aware that security is the number one priority in our country today.
OSISATECH is in the heart of town, making it a more secure atmosphere than any other school in the area.
The institution utilizes an on-campus study system, which implies that all students live on campus, limiting the influx of unknown individuals.

Because of this restriction to the greater level, the institution has become a safe refuge for both students and staff.
The institution also has military personnel, police officers, and other unarmed security personnel to ensure the protection of life and property.

2. Conducive Learning Environment

Our Saviour Institute of Science, Agriculture, and Technology (OSISATECH) Enugu is located in a serene environment. This helps students on the campus to learn without any disturbances from the outside world.

Furthermore, students of OSISATECH already know their classes and there is no unnecessary movement of students looking for where to take lectures. The compulsory on-campus methods help students not to miss their classes because of transit.

3. Restriction of Illegal Movement

The compulsory on-campus living and studying is one big factor, parents register their ward in OSISATECH. Parents at all times need to know where their children are. They are most time worried if they are safe anytime they are not together.

Although some students may not like this, but it has helped both students and their parents.

4. No Examination Malpractice

Here in OSISATECH, lecturers and staff make sure students are thought well. During examinations or tests, they ensure students do not get involved in examination malpractices. This, as a matter of fact, attracts a serious sanction as established by the father founder.

Any student caught in exam malpractice could be asked to repeat a whole semester. This helps us to bring the best out of our students, and there are testimonies of that.

5. No Social Vices

In OSISATECH social vices like fighting, stealing, cultism, exam malpractice, smoking, and so on do not exist. Because all our students live on the campus and everyone is known by his or her name or at least his department. Students are very careful with what they do since it is just a small village.

The communal life help to shape the students both morally and academically.

6. Graduation as at when due

If not for anything, those who get admission into OSISATECH already know when they will graduate. This is because there is nothing like “strike” or anything that may cause a delay in academic activities.

Our graduates are also mobilised for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) as at when due.

7. Groomed on relevant skills

While studying in OSISATECH, interested students can learn other skills like computer operation, playing of musical equipment, learning face make-up, and hairstyling.

Students can also learn other skills in farming and sports.

Thanks to our graduated students and Facebook user: Eunice Nkwuda and Chizzy Samuel who testified on these points and also contributed to this post.