Resumption of School for 2019/2020 Session

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Following the Enugu State Government directive that all Tertiary Institution should re-open on Monday, 12th October, 2020.

The Management of the Institution has directed that students should resume in phases as stated below:

  1. Monday, 12th October, 2020: All HND II and ND II Students.
  2. Wednesday 14th October, 2020: All HND I and ND I Students.
  • Friday 16th October, 2020: All Education Students.
  1. Students will be subjected to compulsory Covid-19 Test on arrival at the campus at a fee of N20,000, in addition to observance of all other NCDC prescribed protocols.

Students are strongly advised to adhere to the above schedules. Lectures starts immediately.



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10 thoughts on “Resumption of School for 2019/2020 Session”

  1. This #20,000 is too much for a student to pay, and moreover its the school and government responsibility to provide all necessary test equipment for students because Covid-19 is a pandemic virus.
    The School supposed to consider the welfare of the students, things are hard this period due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

  2. This is extortion, how can a school be charging N20,000 for testing temperatures in atime when people are trying to survive … This is fraudelent and unacceptable!!!
    The school should review this, its really unfair on sponsors.

  3. 1. Is it the responsibility of the students to provide covid-19 test kits?
    2. will the school authorities subject students to 14days quarantine?
    Covid-19 is a global pandemic, it’s the responsibility of the government and institutions to make adequate preparation to provide necessary equipments and testing kits. the students, parents, and sponsors ara still recovering from the impact of the
    pandemic on the economy, government and the institution is
    expected to provide palliatives for the students not making things more difficult than it is..
    osisatech should be concerned about students resuming and paying their tuition fees not #20,000 for covid-19 test kit..

  4. If we are to pay the 20,000 have you thought of how we are going to raise money for our school fees moreover many of our patents lost their jobs dew to this covid 19 before you people do something put yourself in our shoes.

  5. I honestly don’t get why we’re being subjected to that hug amount of money.
    If the school is not ready to receive us then why did they ask us to resume.
    We haven’t mentioned school fees yet not even provision, materials for learning, buying of some necessary things habba.
    Most of us are not working and our parents have been at home all these while, even the ones that have resumed work they haven’t been paid yet.
    So somebody should tell me where to get that money and I will do just that and pay…

  6. Government should bear the cost of testing students, its part of government responsibilities,

  7. So With All This Killings Going On In The Country Do U Really Think That All The Students Will Resume

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