Guideline to Seminar and Project Report Writing Sample

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One of the challenges for graduating students of the tertiary institution is to present a seminar and also to carry out project research and report it. This most times poses a serious difficulty to some students. In this article, we present to you a seminar and project report writing sample and guide.

We shall also provide you with good resources where you can select the perfect seminar and project topic. Together with an idea on how to write them, you do not have to pay anybody to write any of these things for you.

If what we mentioned above interests you, please sit back and continue reading because there is still more to it.

Samples of Seminar Topics

In this section of the seminar and project report writing sample, we shall make a list of seminar presentation topics.


  • Internal Audit Control in Government Establishment
  • The Use of Accounting as a Management Tool
  • The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Internal Audit

Check for more social science seminar topics.

Computer Science

  • Natural Language Generation
  • Microprocessor and Microcontrollers
  • Intel Centrino Mobile Technology

Here are more samples of science and technology seminar topics.


  • Creative Teaching Methods
  • Educational Games as a Learning Method
  • Curriculum Design & Lesson Planning

You can as well see more seminar topics on education here.

Seminar Presentation Items

Preliminary Pages

Title page, Dedication, Acknowledgement, Table of Content, Abstract.

Background information on the topic.

Body of the Presentation

Types of the topic, advantages, and disadvantages, how to apply it, and so on,

Summary of the topic and recommendation.

Reference materials where you got your information.

NOTE: If you are using an A4 size pager, your seminar should be between 10 and 15 pages. You may also use slides if you so wish.

Samples of Project Topics

Now, let us look at the seminar and project report writing samples with regard to project topics. It is worth noting that project topics are not structured as simply as seminar topics. Project topics always have two variables. One against or for the other.

This does not mean that the project topic cannot be used for a seminar, but it will then require more time for research before the actual presentation.


  • Strategic planning on the performance of listed manufacturing companies in Nigeria.
  • Liquidity management and financial performance of listed insurance companies in Nigeria.
  • Effects of accounting information systems on small, large, and multinational companies’ performance in Lagos state.

See free accountancy project topics from here.

Computer Science

  • Design and implementation of a computerized child abuse database management system.
  • Design and implementation of a certificate verification system.
  • Design and implementation of an online government whistle-blower management system.

Get Computer Science project topics and other courses here.


  • The impact of teacher motivation on the academic performance of students.
  • An investigation into the relationship between teaching methods and academic performance of secondary school students in Enugu state.
  • The influence of parent social-economic status on undergraduates’ career choice in selected public and private universities in Lagos state.

It should be noted also that a project topic should not be more than 22 words.

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Project Report Items

To start writing your project report, it is important that you note that different institutions and departments adopt different styles. So I will advise you to read up to 5 project works in your department and then use them as a guide.

Remember that copying someone’s work is against the ethics of academics and you may be sued for plagiarism. But because there are billions of content online. It is always better you check your work for plagiarism before submitting it. There are tools that can help you to check for plagiarism for free.

I hope this seminar and project report writing sample article has helped you to understand the right steps to take when faced with this kind of challenge. Because they tend to come around every now and then. So try and learn them once and for all.

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