Steps for Online Exam Registration

Last Updated on July 10, 2020 by admin

Below steps will guide you on how to register and take the forthcoming online examination.


Go to or click here and scroll to the side bar for registration. Use your Registration Number as your Username and must be typed with dashes (-) and not forward slashes (/) like this format or pattern (eg. ACC-N2018-R-001) . Faulty registration will be deleted and the student won’t be able to take the exam. Upon registration, you will become a STUDENT FREE USER automatically.


Go to OHHA MFB LTD to make your payment or use any of the listed commercial banks and pay to the bank closest to you. After the payment, Ohha Bank will forward your name to the Bursary Department.


Bursary Department will forward your name to the ICT Unit. ICT Unit will use the list to upgrade your user level to STUDENT PAID USER. This will give access to take the exams.


On the date of the examination, your exam paper will be made available through your departmental page. Just click on the menu, choose your department and click on the course you want to take its exam.

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