ICT Centre



Information and Communication Technology is the trending subject of 21st century. The ICT centre of OSISATECH Polytechnic Enugu is generally charged with the responsibilites of deploying ICT infrastructures and services for administration, teaching, research and learning.


  • To help the polytechnic invest in strategically use of ICT.
  • To direct IT  resources to highest and best purposes in support of the institution mission.
  • Adaptation of correct ICT innovations.


To provide direction and implementation of ICT resources for administration, teaching, learning, assessment and research development.


To put in place a centre through-which the polytechnic would be transformed to an ICT-driven system.


  • To develop and maintain computer systems (Hardware and Software) across the institution.
  • Provision, supervision and control of ICT infrastructure and services.
  • Sourcing for computer components and assembling of computer systems either directly or through private agents.
  • Maintenance of online system that link the polytechnic with the outside world.


Director ICTC :

  • ICT Chief Engineer
  • ICT Head of Operations

ICT Chief Engineer

  • System Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Technician

ICT Head of Operations

  • Web Admin
  • Database Administrator
  • Application Package Instructor